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port charlotte pest control

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Beetle control and identification is crucial in subtropical climate. Port Charlotte and Southwest Florida have a lot of soft and hardwoods for these guy to infest and the last thing you need is to have these eating your home or business. Many times they are overlooked or not properly identified. Most people don't think about these pests, it is generally the termite that steals the spotlight. Here at Bug Off Pest we focus our efforts and consider all options when identifying pests in your structure. Beetles not only infest wood, they can also be found in Food/Dry-Goods, in the form of pantry pests.

Tropical smoothe-headed

These termites can be found in the peninsular Florida nesting forgaging inside dry woods but they are uncommon in structures. They are a whitish tan and small in size this termite swarms year around but more specifically in the springtime evenings. Tropical termites have a smooth, brown, rectangular head with black mandibles along with a large cavity in the front of the head.

Drywood termite (Calcaritermes nearctius)

Yet another non structural threatening drywood termite found in central to northern Florida, southeastern Georgia nesting and foraging inside of dry woods they are light brown in color and small in appearance swarming from March to May.

Dark southern drywood termite

This termite can be found in central, western and northern Florida nesting, foraging in drywood but rare in structures they have a light cream to yellowish color and are small in size with a rectangular head and strong black mandibles. these termites swarm from September to November during the daytime